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Plan Bee is a project made by Gérald Montúfar for an university assignment with the focus procedural mesh generation, artificial intelligence and world simulation.


In Plan Bee the player can see bees search for new flower patches, gather nectar and expand their bee stock to accomodate more bees. The player can choose which bees are born next and influence how many flowers get found or how much nectar is collected.

For the procedural world generation I started with an icosahedron that i subdivided and extruded sides and added faces where needed to get the flat edged look. 

The object placement was made with a cellular automaton that set starting health values to each face that represents land. Afterwards it itteratively changes the values to either spread the health to neighbouring faces or reduce health of faces that are cut off from other healthy faces. In the end the objects are placed on faces that have enough health to accomodate them.

There are four kind of bees in Plan Bee and all of their AIs have been  made with behaviour trees. There are searcher bees that fly out and scout for new flowers, when they are hungry or night falls they return to inform the bee stock of the flowers. With this information the gatherer bees can go to the flowers and gather their nectar until they can't hold any nectar anymore, night falls or the flower doesn't have any nectar left. After they returned to the bee stock worker bees help them unload the nectar. When they are not unloading nectar they build new hives to accomodate new bees. New bees are born from a queen bee that birthes new bees until she gets hungry and rests. After a critical mass is reached a new queen bee is assigned and she founds a new bee stock and takes half the stock with her. Implementing A* algorithm on an icosahedron was a pain, that's for sure.


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Legal stuff

All assets in this game are either free to use, already owned or made by me. No copyright infringement or any sort of violation intended. Should I have somehow missed any details, failed to mention any creators or used anything without permission, please contact me and Iwill sort it out as soon as possible.


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