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fight your way up to find the keycard to the elevator in this fast paced action-platformer in which you need to manage your combometer to unlock strong special attack or shoot projectiles

conscendo is a student project that was developed between mid september and november  2020

i took insprations from combo driven brawlers like devil may cry or the yakuza series and tried to implement it in my own game with my limited knowledge

feel free to leave some feedback in the comments 

movewasdleft stick
jumpspacesouth face button
punchjwest face button
specialknorth face button
shootleast face button
pauseescstart button

"hey, that's pretty nice" 

- a tutor of mine who was forced to play the game


programming - gerald

music - HOME via RoyaltyFreePlanet

art - 0x76 & gerald

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Fighting
Tags2D, Roguelike


conscendo.zip 42 MB


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Like certain someone said " hey, that's pretty nice", really enjoyed the fast-paced combat, mashing buttons to kill the enemies feels satisfying,  specially those pesky ghost things, honestly for a student project it is really well done I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs or unpolished mechanics like I usually do with indie games.

I really enjoyed the tutorial with the weird kinky robot  but maybe a clearer font would be helpful, my only other suggestion for future projects would be to make the special moves more satisfying use since it's faster and funnier to just mash the hit button instead of charging an attack that can be canceled.

Overall a really fun experience, kinda a shame that is so short but since it's a student project is totally understandable.